Women are magic makers who can accomplish the
impossible and yet when it comes to financial
decisions, they usually take a back seat.

Not Anymore!

Presenting: BFF (Buddy For Finance)

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Why Do Women Shy Away From Financial Responsibility?

A Lack of Confidence in Their Abilities

We believe in your ability of managing money. LakshMe is here to help you gain that confidence in yourself.

A Belief that its Complicated

Complicated until it’s NOT. Once you understand the topic, it’ll no longer be complicated.

Society says It’s a Man’s Job

It’s time to change this long-held misbelief. Take inspiration from our segment “SheRose”, where we talk about inspiring stories of women from different fields.

A Lack of Financial Knowledge

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Making her Atmanirbhar

We are helping women become financially independent since 2021


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June 2024

Our Mission

To boost financial literacy, awareness and acumen among women in all strata of the society so that they can become financially independent

Let’s start learning about finances so that you not only symbolise Goddess Lakshmi, but embody her too.


Stress Test in Mutual Funds

AMFI’s Mutual Fund Stress Test, initiated by SEBI is to check – In how many days MFs schemes can exit from their underlying portfolio in cases of a stressful situation or withdrawal pressure. All small-cap and mid-cap funds must conduct a status check on how liquid their underlying portfolios are.


An Interim Budget will be presented on 1st February 2024

Whenever there is an election year, a government presents an interim budget. The full Union Budget will be presented by the newly elected government after Elections.


In the investment world, the word "Bluechip" for companies is derived from the game of Poker.

In poker, the colour blue signifies the chip that has the highest value in the game. The word was thus taken from poker and put to use as stock market terminology.


Currency Chest

A Currency Chest is a place where the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) stocks the banknotes and rupee coins. The currency chests are expected to distribute banknotes and rupee coins to other bank branches in their area of operation.


Halwa Ceremony ahead of Budget

The "Halwa ceremony" is organized as an effort to recognize and appreciate the efforts of the staff involved in the long-drawn Budget-making process that lasts months. The halwa is served to everyone who worked on the key document.


Indian Financial System Code

(IFSC code) is an 11-digit alphanumeric code. In an IFSC code, the first 4 digits of the IFSC represent the bank and the last 6 characters represent the branch. The 5th character is zero.


SCORES : Sebi COmplaints REdress System

SCORES is an online platform designed to help investors to lodge their complaints against listed companies and SEBI registered intermediaries.



  • Means amount eligible to reduce taxable income.
  • This is a concession.
  • Life insurance premiums, ELSS Mutual fund schemes, PPF etc are deductions under section 80C.


  • If a certain income is exempt from tax then it will not contribute to the total income of a person.
  • This is relaxation.
  • Agriculture Income can be claimed under exemptions under Section 10 (1).



  • Means assets obtained for consumption and not for earning any return from them
  • Consumption assets diminishes with use.
  • Example: New video game can be hours of fun, but Won't pay the bills.


  • Means assets held for earning income by way of dividends, interest, rentals, etc.
  • Investment assets builds wealth over time.
  • Example: Renting out an apartment brings in regular income.



  • Keeping money aside for your future.
  • To fulfill your short term or urgent requirements.
  • May lose its value when compared with inflation.


  • Investing your money in investment products with the expectation that its value will grow over time.
  • Helps in achieving long-term financial goals and wealth creation.
  • Potential to earn higher than the inflation rate in long term.

Here's what our buddies have to say about the BFF sessions:


Muskan Dharmendra Singh

Mumbai, Student

Thank you so much for this amazing session I would love to get many more sessions the way you explained was also so good this was something which I  was searching for so long I really enjoyed and also learned so much about finance you changed my perspective about finance it was so good to know the positive side of personal finance this is the best community a girl can join!!


Khushi Shah

Mumbai, Graduated & pursuing graphic designing

Thank you, it was quite a good session, coming from a commerce background although I knew few terminologies, I wasn't very clear with its concepts and today's session made me want to learn and be aware about it. Waiting for more of these sessions for better clarity and disciplined financial planning


Bhakti Sawant

MPharm Student

It was a very good session, like now I am going to start my financial journey and so some terms were really important for me to understand like budgeting, so yaa a very helpful session for a beginner.


Janavi Parekh

Nagpur, MBA Student

The BFF session helped me to understand about insurance, types of insurance, and everything in detail, the financial planning was also explained very thoroughly, I am just 22, learning and also investing. A super great initiative and financial literacy is the need of the hour. I am learning more and making myself more informed for myself and my family.


Gayathri GK

Kerala, Working Professional

I am learning and looking at the investment thing and going through videos for the last 2 years but I missed some of the things like Government bonds, PPF, etc. Today I got a clear understanding of that. I don’t have anyone to discuss this kind of thing so to have a community and to have someone to discuss finance is a really great thing for me. 



Gujarat, Digital Marketer

I have understood what you explained and I should invest first. We can schedule another meeting once I have made some kind of progress in this domain. Thank you so much for giving me valuable information.



Andhra Pradesh, Software Engineer

It was great to connect with you, I got a lot of new information related to financial management. I definitely would like to have another advanced level session.


Shruti Sharma

Uttarakhand, Student

I am from a different background, I studied PCB in class 12th, and now I am learning things related to finance which are very new to me. But thanks to LakshMe, they made learning Financial Literacy and understanding it a lot easier for me and cleared all the basic concepts.

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