Women are magic makers who can accomplish the
impossible and yet when it comes to financial
decisions, they usually take a back seat.

Not Anymore!

Presenting: BFF (Buddy For Finance)

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Time to conquer money


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Why Do Women Shy Away From Financial Responsibility?

A Lack of Confidence in Their Abilities

We believe in your ability of managing money. LakshMe is here to help you gain that confidence in yourself.

A Belief that its Complicated

Complicated until it’s NOT. Once you understand the topic, it’ll no longer be complicated.

Society says It’s a Man’s Job

It’s time to change this long-held misbelief. Take inspiration from our segment “SheRose”, where we talk about inspiring stories of women from different fields.

A Lack of Financial Knowledge

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Women investors are

disciplined, intuitive, have futuristic
approach, balanced and quality conscious


Only 12% women said it is 100% their decision when investing in market-based instruments (stocks, equity MFs etc) vs 31% men

Only 33% women as compared to 64% Men make their own investing decisions.

13% women were forced to make investment decisions due to their husband’s death or divorce

40% women say their husband introduced them to investing

* Winvestor survey 2019

LakshMe will help you reach your full potential

Our Mission

To boost financial literacy, awareness and acumen among women in all strata of the society so that they can become financially independent

Let’s start learning about finances so that you not only symbolise Goddess Lakshmi, but embody her too.

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The relationship you have with money can shed light on who you are as a person. Take the Money Personality Quiz today and see how you can work towards becoming a confident and independent money manager.

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Women are inclined to save before they plan out their expenditure.
If you have a goal in mind, let us help you plan your investment.

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