Vidya Subramanian

Vidya Subramanian is on a mission to help more and more people across the globe learn about Carnatic music and Indian culture. Her mission has also helped almost 100 artists and teachers earn more through their talent. That's what makes Vidya a true #IndiaKiLakshMe

Sonal Patel

Sonal Patel is an inspiration to women across India. From overcoming Polio to ruling the Table Tennis world with 19 international medals, she’s what an #IndiaKiLakshMe is all about.

Mira Erda

Mira Erda - one of India’s finest open-wheel racers. Over a great conversation, we spoke about motorsports, the need for speed, her inspiration, and a message for young women looking to follow her path.

Khushboo Awasthi

Some women go above and beyond to serve society in a game-changing manner and Khushboo Awasthi has one such inspirational story. Her work has won her several accolades and made her a true #IndiaKiLakshMe.

Meha Lahiri

Meha Lahiri is transforming the way cities manage plastic. From running a successful business and managing a family to make our cities more sustainable, what Meha does on a daily basis is truly commendable.

Nimisha Varma

A vision for a cleaner, greener planet with abundant energy for all is what drives Nimisha Varma. She’s put India on the global map with her company Aloe ECell, and they’re just getting started. Here’s celebrating another awesome #IndiaKiLakshMe.

Preiti Patel

Indian girls need more role models like Preiti Patel. Her work in the defense sector where she empowers and employs women is an inspiration for us all. Preiti Patel exemplifies what it means to be #IndiaKiLakshMe.

Puunam G Kaushik

Entrepreneur. Industry Leader. Philanthropist. Achiever. India Ki LakshMe. Puunnam has achieved a lot in life, and her unwavering spirit has led her and her company to new heights. She is an inspiration to all the women out there.

Trupti Jain

Trupti Jain is making a huge impact in the lives of rural women and small farmers by helping them manage moisture content across the year. Her model of making women smallholders has raised the level of confidence and made them self-sufficient. #IndiaKiLakshMe

Gira Shah

Helping those without a voice is one of the most noble and thankless pursuits. That’s exactly what Gira Shah did when she began Jivdaya Charitable Trust - an NGO dedicated to looking after birds & animals. We salute her mission. She is a true #indiakilakshme

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