Frequently Asked Questions

Why LakshMe?

LakshMe is a comprehensive platform that aims at increasing financial awareness and literacy amongst women. LakshMe is a platform run by women for women.

Why a woman specific platform?

We believe that women are in no way less than men in anything, which includes understanding money and making financial decisions. We believe that women only need a little assistance and guidance to begin their journey towards financial independence. This is why LakshMe offers a platform where a woman can find financial knowledge, education and assistance, all in a single place. The experts at LakshMe are well-trained and friendly who help the clients in an empathetic yet professional way.

Are there any fees or charges to enroll?

No, there are no fees required to enrol, all the content is entirely free. The content can be viewed from all electronic devices.

Why Sign Up with LakshMe?

There are 4 benefits to signing up with us:

1. You can bookmark the content and make your personalized reading list and access it at your convenience

2. You can add comments on the articles

3. You can follow your favorite topics to be notified whenever a new content is uploaded under that topic

4. Get notifications on all LakshMe events both offline and online

How long do I have access to read the articles?

As stated, the articles and other content on LakshMe are free. So you can access them whenever you want, without any time restrictions to worry about.

How can I share the content available on LakshMe?

You can share the content on all social media platforms, the access is given on all the pages.

What is SheRose?

SheRose is a segment where you can find stories of women who have achieved greatness in their respective fields and are an inspiration for all the women. You can also send us your SheRose story by clicking here.

Can I share my story?

Yes, we would love to hear from you about your story. Feel free to write to us and you can be featured on our SheRose page.

Send us your story by clicking here.

Where can we contact LakshMe?

You can write to us at help@lakshme.com and we will get back to you.

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