Highly interactive and active engagement from the attendees isn't your same - old classroom session.


Highly interactive and active engagement from the attendees isn't your same - old classroom session.

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Women's current investment patterns, why don't women discuss money matters?, Importance of investing money for her, Women's characteristics that make them better investors, as well as how to get started or take the initial step.

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Investment products for Gen Z

There is an extensive number of investment products. An investor must make a decision based on his or her financial objectives and risk tolerance. A fundamental understanding of investment products, including their characteristics, pros and cons, taxation, etc. The five covered products are Mutual Funds, Direct Equity, IPO, Term Insurance, and Cryptocurrency.

12 May 2022

Speaker :Hely Gadhecha, Founder Synvestment,Hely Gadhecha, Founder Synvestment

Importance of investing from an early age

Explained the fundamentals of personal finance, such as the need for financial planning at an early age, the power of compounding, goal planning, and the significance of SIPs in mutual funds. The presentation was followed by a very interactive Q&A.

18 Apr 2022

Speaker :Maitry Shah, Founder LakshMe,Maitry Shah, Founder LakshMe

Kick-start your investment journey with LakshMe

It's never too early to start learning about personal finance. We had gone through the fundamentals of personal finance, such as the necessity of having a financial goal, the importance of investing, how to get started, and new year's money resolutions, among other things.

07 Jan 2022

Speaker :Hely Gadhecha, Founder Synvestment,Synapse - DA-IICT

Financial Literacy for women

The facts showing financial literacy status in India, Why do women find it difficult to talk about money, and why is financial literacy important for women and society.

08 Sep 2021

Speaker :Maitry Shah, Founder LakshMe,Research Foundation of India & JHERF


Because learning starts with questions

Is Insurance an investment?

No, insurance is not an investment. When you invest your money, you expect your money to grow and give your returns. Insurance is a protection, it protects you and your family in emergencies. But both are equally important in terms of financial planning.

If I save, then do I need to invest?

Savings is the difference between your monthly income and expenses. Whereas, investing is when you put that money in various asset classes which gives you a return and you end up creating wealth. So yes, it is important to invest your savings.

How can I start planning for Retirement 15 years from now?

Understand your income and expenses, decide on how much amount you will need in the future considering inflation, this will bring you to the fixed amount which will be required at the time of retirement. Then start investing your money as per it.

How do you proportionate between short-term and long-term goals?

There is no right proportion, it depends up-on your financial goals. Each financial goal has specific tenure and the required corpus.

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